We spend a lot of time sleeping. A good night's sleep is essential to any person. Since people, on the average sleep around eight hours a night, it means an average person will spend 229, 961 hours in bed. That is a lot of time. It is a third of our lifetime spent in bed. We sure need to have a comfortable sleep given the fact we are going to spend plenty of time in bed. Having a good mattress matters because it sets the tone on the quality of sleep we really, badly need to stay in shape, be healthy and to have the right focus when we wake up in the morning as we head to work. 

Not getting enough sleep is a challenge to most people in this modern world. Without any sleep it can lead to stress and anxiety, which may cause mental health problems down the road. Challenges like Alzheimer's disease, dementia and heart conditions are just among the things that happen when we don't get enough sleep. Thus, we need to have a nice rest each night and our mattress helps us to get a comfortable place to rest. Without restful sleep, health suffers. 

Choosing the right mattress is essential in finding a comfortable sleep. Getting an expensive mattress may get you the right comfort, but it is not a given. Some cheaper mattress may give you the right comfort, if you know how to choose. Of course, you are not looking at dirt cheap mattress for sure. But, there are certain bargain to look out for where you can find affordable mattress, which you are going to get a relaxed and refreshed full night's sleep. Be sure to visit this website at for more facts about mattresses. 

It is essential to ask how many coil springs are in the mattress. As a rule of thumb, a mattress with more than 750 coil springs will help you get a comfortable sleep. It is certainly better than the one with only 400 coil springs. Yet, majority of the mattress available in stores only have 400 coil springs. Then again, you can always look at other facets when choosing a mattress at 


The type of coil spring also matters. Hour-glass, continuous spring and pocket spring are the common types, with each have their own advantages and disadvantages. The most important factor to look at is comfort. Whatever you choose, the mattress here should be able to last for a long time and spend a lot of time with you as you sleep.